CCEP’s Quality and Food Safety Policy

We consider the Quality and Food Safety of our products and services to be our main responsibility, a priority commitment in our strategy, and one that is part of the fundamental values of our company culture.

That is why we have implemented Quality and Food Safety Management Systems that enable us to protect our products, services and consumers. These systems are based on continuous improvement as a key element for achieving excellence in each of these areas and maintaining our position as leader in the market.

By implementing the Quality and Food Safety Management Systems, we ensure that we comply with the applicable regulations and internationally recognized standards (ISO 9001, FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000) and the KORE requirements from the Coca-Cola Company throughout our supply chain.

The Management Systems are based on this policy, which acts as a framework for establishing and reviewing our targets and is based on the following fundamental principles that guide our behavior with:

Our Customers and Consumers:

• We meet the needs of our customers and consumers, as well as their current and future expectations, providing them with top-quality products and services at all times, from the reception of the raw materials to when our products are consumed.

• We maintain consumer trust in our products through the implementation of risk assessment and risk reduction programs.

Our Employees, our Internal Customers and Co-Workers:

• We foster the identification, commitment and participation of our workers and co-workers with the values of our company culture, through training, communication and the development of their skills to achieve excellence and continuous improvement in our processes.

• We instill in our workers an awareness of Food Safety as a motto in everything they do.

Our Suppliers:

• We promote collaboration with our suppliers, based on communication and understanding, to ensure the safety of the raw materials, ingredients and packaging and also to establish a safe, efficient and top-quality service for everyone.

Our Shareholders:

• We work together to maintain the leadership of our Brands and the competitiveness and sustainability of the Company:

o Through proactive identification and efficient handling of the risks and incidents regarding Food Safety associated with the products, processes and technologies.

o Ensuring that the available human, material, natural and financial resources are used efficiently.

o Permanently optimizing processes to eliminate non-quality costs.

We relentlessly pursue The Coca-Cola Company's gold standard: “perfect product, reliable anywhere”.